Don’t Ignore Foot Pain Because of COVID-19

Central Jersey Ankle & Foot Staff

We are open for business- but with some extra steps for your safety and the safety of our staff.  The CDC has always had precautionary measures for the spread of viruses outlined for Podiatric doctors and office staff as detailed in its guide  And we are here to remind you that although elective surgeries and simple things like teeth cleaning have been discouraged, the health of your feet remains essential.  Putting off dealing with foot swelling or other types of pain and inflammation can exasperate your condition and further complicate treatment down the road.

So although we ask that patients who are already feeling sick or might have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 to reschedule their appointments, we urge people suffering from foot pain and other symptoms to be confident that we are taking strict precautions to protect your health.  All of our examination tables and medical instruments, as well as the waiting room and all common areas are sanitized constantly.

So if you’re experiencing any foot or ankle pain, a sports injury or require diabetic foot care schedule a FREE exam and diagnosis today by calling (732) 566-2841.

Dr. Chris Mullin

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