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Myths That Harm Men’s Podiatric Health

Ankle_Pain_Shoes_Sprain_Feet.jpgA few years back there was a popular book out entitled, “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.” Here at Central Jersey Ankle & Foot Care Specialists we don’t want to make any broad generalizations, but studies have shown that men’s reactions to health care needs differs from women’s in many cases, particularly in dealing with diabetes. In honor of Men’s Health Month, we want to look at some of the myths many men buy into that may end up harming their podiatric health.

“If I don’t go to the foot doctor I won’t get any bad news about my health.”

The number one reason men report for not seeking treatment for diabetic symptoms they have discovered in their feet is fear of getting bad news. Ironically, delaying having abnormalities evaluated is usually the cause of worse news than seeking early diagnosis and treatment. Symptoms such as changes in temperature or color of the feet, loss of sensation, cuts or injuries that don’t seem to be healing, swelling and pain may all be early signs of diabetes. Diagnosing diabetes at its onset and developing a treatment plan can help patients continue with most of their normal activities. Avoiding dealing with symptoms can lead to permanent damage and serious medical issues.

 “I don’t have time for doctor’s appointments and foot care regimens.” 

Recent statistics show that the greatest number of Type 2 Diabetes cases are diagnosed in adults ages 45-64. These are prime years when men are busy working and caring for families and aging parents. It’s easy to cancel appointments and put off doing the things the foot doctor recommends. It may surprise you to know that in a study that focused on men and women with diabetes who had equal access to health care, the women fared much better than the men because they were more diligent about utilizing health services. Our podiatrists, Dr. Christopher J. Mullin or Dr. Jessica A. Addeo will take your schedule and lifestyle into consideration and help you devise a care plan that will protect your feet from diabetic complications and work with your active life. 

“What I’ve been doing has worked up until now—why change?” 

There comes a time in all patients’ lives when they have to realize that their bodies don’t respond the way they did in their younger years. Good lifestyle habits, such as maintaining an appropriate weight and exercising regularly will also help keep diabetes under control and prevent complications.

If you have questions about diabetes and your feet, contact our Aberdeen office by calling: 732-566-2841.

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