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Are Your Feet Ready for Vacation?

It’s time for summer vacation and you’ve packed your favorite shorts and sundresses, your sunglasses and your beach hat. But, at Central Jersey Ankle & Foot Care Specialists we want to know what you’ve packed for your feet. There are a few items that will only take up a small space in your luggage but will make a big difference to the health and protection of your feet. Here’s our pack list.

Comfortable Shoes —while this should be an obvious item on the list, sometimes patients are thinking more about fashion than foot health when packing for vacation. Cute sandals or a pair of heels may be okay for an evening out but be sure to have a tried and true pair of shoes for travel day, site seeing and shopping. If your vacation includes sports or physical activities like tennis or hiking be sure to make room in your bag for the appropriate footwear .

Orthotic —if our podiatrists, Dr. Christopher J. Mullin or Dr. Jessica A. Addeo, have prescribed a custom orthotic device for you to wear in your shoes to help with a chronic podiatric condition, don’t think you can take a week off from wearing it. You may find yourself on your feet more than a usual week at home and that could have painful consequences for your feet if you go without your orthotic.

Shower Shoes/Flip Flops —although definitely not recommended for daily wear, flip flops can provide protection from fungal infections like athlete’s foot , fungal toenails and viruses that cause warts . These are transmitted by direct contact so keeping your feet covered around the pool or in changing areas and restrooms is a must.

Anti-fungal Powder —dusting your feet each morning with an anti-fungal powder will help keep feet dry and further reduce the risk of foot infections.

Water Bottle —swelling of the feet and ankles is more likely to occur in hot weather and if you are on your feet for long periods of time. When feet get larger, shoes get tighter and blisters and foot pain is more apt to occur. Drinking plenty of water will help eliminate excess fluid from your body and decrease the chances of painful edema.

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