3 Surprising ways to Take Care of Your Feet


3 Surprising ways to Take Care of Your Feet

At Central Jersey Ankle and Foot Care Specialists we are always looking for a reason to talk about how wonderful feet are and this month we celebrate National I Love My Feet Day. It’s the perfect time to stop and be grateful for the incredible structures that are your feet. Did you know that your feet contain nearly a quarter of all the bones in your body? They each also have 33 joints and over 120 muscles, nerves and ligaments. These all work together in an intricate mechanical dance to enable you to do nearly every activity you do each day. In honor of your feet, we’d like to highlight some ways to take care of them that you may not normally think of.

1. Get Your Eyes Checked

Eyes and feet—what’s the connection? If your vision is poor it greatly increases your risk of tripping and falling which can cause injury to your feet. It’s important to stay current with other medical issues as well and periodically go over your medication list with your doctor or pharmacist to be sure there are no potential interactions which can cause dizziness or lightheadedness.

2. Watch Your Diet

What you eat can have a big impact on your feet. Food choices can play a large role in controlling blood sugar, which is essential if you have diabetes. A nutritious diet is also important in helping you lose weight or avoid unhealthy weight gain. Being overweight puts additional strain on your feet and increases your risk for several foot problems including arthritis and plantar fasciitis. Finally, your diet can cause or repress and inflammatory response which can make a big difference in dealing with joint disease.

3. Don’t Smoke

Smoking impedes circulation. When blood flow to your legs is restricted, it can mean wounds are slow to heal and more likely to become infected. Peripheral arterial disease—where arteries in the legs get blocked—is another cause of poor circulation. Be on the lookout for signs of decreased blood flow: bluish or reddish tinge to toenails, fatigue or pain in your feet, legs, thighs and buttocks. Report any suspicious symptoms to our podiatrists, Dr. Christopher J. Mullin or Dr. Jessica A. Addeo, promptly. Contact  our Aberdeen office for an appointment at 732-566-2841.

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